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  What is Video Description?

Closed Captioning displays dialogue for those who
are deaf. Video description adds a voice describing
what is seen on the screen for those who are blind.

What We Do :

Audio Eyes produces superior quality video
description with the fastest turn around times in the
industry! We offer captioning and video description
in multiple languages. Our pricng is competitive and
we handle virtually any media format. Audio Eyes
believes in providing extremely accurate description
with our clients and their consumers in mind.

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Executives from major studios: theatrical distribution, home entertainment, or online media divisions, seeking accessible media services such ascaptioning, subtitling, and description.

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Producers, Post-Production Supervisors and Staff, or Studio Executives seeking to make television programs or online media accessible to consumers with disabilities.

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Representatives for Municipal, County, State, and Federal agencies compelled to provide access to video content on websites, at kiosks, or to be otherwise distributed.

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K-12 schools and Universities seeking to provide compliant services for students with disabilities under the law (504/508 & ADA.)

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Producers and distributors of films, documentaries, and video stories to be exhibited at film festivals, in cinemas, on the web, Disc, or for internal corporate purposes.

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Record Label Executives, Music Rights Owners, Game Developers, and other Media Property Owners seeking opportunities to reach consumers with sensory disabilities.

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In the video description industry, there are a number of terms used which essentially mean the same thing. Some of the terms include:

  • Audio Description
  • Descriptive Narration
  • Descriptive Video
  • Descriptive Audio
  • DVS
  • Video Description
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